Hiking and mountain biking

Jura Sud is a paradise for outdoor activities : on foot, on a mountain bike or a bike, on horseback or on the back of a donkey. Discover the beautiful landscapes, lakes, rivers, forests and viewpoints…


A guidebook on sale for 5€ at the tourist office in Moirans-en-Montagne offers more than 20 hiking tours.

The Tour of Lake Vouglans (82km : 51 miles) in the heart of wild nature.

7 footpaths to discover 7 tales tales : 'Les sept contes en balade'

Various guidebooks and maps about other parts of the Jura are available at the tourist office.


Follow the paths in an imaginary world with your family and immerse yourself in marvellous stories : 
'Les lutins enrhumés” :The Elves and their never-ending Colds   
‘Arthur dans les nuages’ : Arthur Lost in the Clouds
‘Les lézards savants’ : The Lizards of Genius  
‘Le parfum d’Estrela’ : Estrela’s Nectar
‘La sirène égarée’ : The Lost Mermaid
‘Le lac envolé’ :The Lake Gone Dry
‘La sorcière attendrie’: The Witch with a Soft Heart

Go through the entrance gate, walk into their worlds full of mysteries and let yourself be guided by the crabs, the oranges, the holly, etc.

Children love these unexpected footpaths where fantasy and creativity have pride of place, but they are also very popular with adults. The whole family will enjoy going for a short walk, or hiking for several hours or having a picnic in the land of the tales. So are you ready to discover these beautiful landscapes?

USEFUL INFORMATION : ask for the leaflet that will tell you where to start, how long it takes and will also give you various recommendations. Also on sale at the tourist office for 12 € the book with the complete tales in French.


rent a bike

The best place to rent a mountain bike, an electric bike or a bike is Échappée Moirantine in Moirans-en-Montagne, prior booking required; please ring +33(0)6 77 71 38 30.
12 bis route du Hangar – 39260 Moirans-en-Montagne


The Tour of Lake Étival : from the village, follow the signposts “Les Lacs” to a car park next to a small beach.


This most beautiful natural site in the Jura is located about 20 miles away from Moirans-en-Montagne.
You will discover seven waterfalls along a two-and-a-half mile path. Bear in mind that you will have to use the same path on your way back to your car. So this five-mile hike will take you a good three hours and you will need hiking boots but it’s really worth it.
Dogs must be kept on a lead.

A leaflet with full details is available at the tourist office in Moirans-en-Montagne.

go mountain biking with a certified guide

Why not go for a bike ride with Olivier Faivre, a certified guide, for the whole day or a half-day? He knows the region like the back of his hand and will suggest a tour adapted to your wishes and physical abilities. Another option is to do part of the tour by train or boat. Ask at the tourist office for the full summer programme.
Prior booking is required for all rides. Olivier Faivre’s details +33 (0)6 85 69 89 90 or olivierfaivre.hautjura@gmail.com

hike and be pulled by a dog 'CANI-RANDO'

If you fancy a new adventure, try being pulled by a dog as you walk. You will probably feel tired at the end of the hike but you will enjoy every minute of it!
Terre et Neige
Prior booking required : +33 (0)6 71 49 02 86